Reducing Health Problems in the Office Using Glass Curtains


Research has shown that certain buildings can make your employees demotivated and sick. As an employer, you do not need employees that are not motivated or sick since that this  normally leads to a decrease in profitability due to employees who are constantly absent from work, who are less energized and who have a negative attitude instead of a positive attitude. Employees may develop allergies or other respiratory problems by breathing in the spores of a damp and moldy office.

Providing Motivational Working Environments

As an employer, you need to find simple ways of making the office environment one in which your employees will feel motivated and energized to work. It is a known fact that the flow of natural light into a working environment makes it a more appealing working environment. But how do you ensure the flow of natural light into a working environment and at the same time protect the environment from dust and dirt. You cannot leave the windows and curtains open all of the time. The solution is glass curtains. But what exactly are glass curtains? Glass curtains are made of frameless glass panels that are locked together and can be used as external as well as internal enclosures. This means that they do not have anything to obstruct the natural flow of light nor the view. Glass curtains allows you to have an airy, lighter, and more energized office environment thus providing your clients and employees with a positive vibe and attitude. Glass curtains can be opened and closed thus allowing fresh air to enter into your office. Fresh air is known to keep the body alert and awake. As an employer, you want your employees to stay alert and awake thus investing in glass curtains would be the ideal solution for you.


Unobstructed View in the Office

Studies have shown that the effects of nature on our emotional well-being and stress levels are great. This is why you need to promote the view of scenery as much as possible in your offices. Using glass curtains to enclose office spaces allows for unobstructed view. Your employees should be able to see outside even if it is just to look at a garden with plants or flowers or the clear blue sky. Since that most of us spend about fifty percent of our time in offices, this can have a huge impact on our physical as well as our mental health. Employees need to be aware of this so that they can provide us with the right office environment. Glass curtains are one of the best places to start.

Frameless Glazing for Your Pool Side


There have been many research and studies that have shown that the most common injuries and accidents that happen around the poolside area happen to younger children. These accidents normally result in injuries and in extreme situations, they have resulted in death. Safety around the pool is so important to certain parents that they choose to fence their pools. The safest way to fence your pool side is through the use of frameless glazing.

Advantages of Frameless Glazing

Frameless glazing around the pool side is not only visually more appealing but it provides the most safety advantages. First of all, frameless glazing manages to keep children from entering the pool without adult supervision. Secondly, frameless glazing prevents children from getting hurt by the edging of the fence. For example, the edging of a steel fence around your pool side might be harmful to children. There are no gaps or edges with frameless glazing. This is why they are called frameless. Another advantage of frameless glazing is that they are customizable. They can be made to fit any shape or size and are normally made from preapproved glass that is between ten to twelve millimeters thick. The glass that frameless glazing is made from is extremely durable and strong.

Frameless Glazing Comparison to Wood and Metal

Enclosing your poolside with frameless glazing also makes maintenance easier. If your poolside would be enclosed with wood or metal, it would be difficult to maintain. Glass, on the other hand, is easier to clean. Wood can rot while metals can rust but glass stays forever the same. Rotten wood promotes the breeding of bacteria and pests and can result in disease or the risk of pest infestation.  Rusted fences on the other hand can cause infected wounds if your child accidentally gets a cut from the rusted fence. Frameless glazing eliminates these threats and is very easy to maintain and clean. Glass does not need paint, rust repellants or water repellants.

Advantages of Transparent Frameless Glazing

Since that frameless glazing is made out of glass and is transparent, it does not obstruct the view of your poolside nor your pool and it blends in beautifully with any backgrounds. The transparent glass makes it possible for parents to supervise their children from any nearby area. If someone is in need of help, the transparent glass makes it easier for him or her to be spotted. Enclosing your poolside with frameless glazing is the safest and the most beautiful enclosure option available todaynot only for your pool sides but for your balconies as well as your terraces.

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Las ventajas de un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco


¿Por qué querrías obstruir la vista desde tu balcón o terraza? ¿Por qué conformarse con un acristalamiento que obstruya su vista cuando puede tener un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco hecho de vidrio transparente? ¿Por qué conformarse con cerramientos aburridos cuando puede agregar estilo y elegancia a su propiedad instalando un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco? ¿No quieres tener ese factor sorpresa que todos tus amigos y familiares no tienen? Un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco en su balcón o terraza proporciona un recinto invisible que es práctico y estéticamente agradable. Le permite fusionar su interior con su exterior. No son las soluciones más económicas pero proporcionan algunos de los mejores beneficios. Son seguros y duraderos y están hechos de vidrio resistente que normalmente tiene entre diez y doce milímetros de grosor. Normalmente están disponibles en longitudes de hasta tres metros y requieren un equipo de profesionales para la instalación.

Ventajas de un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco

Si usted es dueño de una casa y está buscando una manera de hacer que su hogar sea más hermoso y atractivo, un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco es la solución para usted. Un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco le da a su hogar un aspecto moderno y elegante. Se pueden instalar en sus balcones, terrazas, costados de la piscina y otros espacios de su hogar. La instalación de un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco tiene una serie de ventajas. En primer lugar, es fuerte porque está hecho de vidrio templado grueso y es mucho más resistente que el vidrio normal. Le da un aspecto moderno y simplificado a su hogar y agrega un estilo extra que le da a su casa ese factor de sorpresa extra que ha estado esperando. Un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco promueve la higiene. Necesita poco mantenimiento y hay muy poco espacio y causas para que se reproduzcan los gérmenes. Es casi imposible que los gérmenes se reproduzcan en el vidrio si se mantiene adecuadamente. Puede usar jabón, agua y minerales para limpiar fácilmente el polvo y la suciedad de su sistema de acristalamiento sin marco. Reemplazar el vidrio roto o agrietado puede ser un desafío, pero no es algo con lo que tendrá que lidiar a diario. Entonces, si está buscando el sistema perfecto para mejorar su propiedad con el mínimo trabajo de mantenimiento posible, un sistema de acristalamiento sin marco es la opción perfecta para usted. Es posible que tenga que pagar unos euros extra por ello, pero al final, valdrá la pena la inversión.

Accessories for Glass Curtains

If you are looking for a sophisticated way of enclosing your balcony, terrace, or office space, glass curtains might just be the solution for you. An investment in glass curtains is one that you will not regret. Glass curtains are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and therefore can be integrated perfectly in your home or office with minimal impact on the appearance of the building. This is why it is one of the most approved systems by most city councils and home owners’ associations. There are many benefits to having glass curtains.

First of all, they allow you to fully utilize your balcony or terrace, they shelter you from the rain and the wind, they prevent you from having to constantly clean dust and dirt from your balcony or terrace, they reduce noise level especially from noisy neighbors, and they allow you to enjoy your terrace or balcony in the winter. In general, glass curtains add value to your property. They can be installed to any shape or size of balcony or terrace and they are absolutely safe to use.

Glass curtains have a number of accessories. There is the pull string lock which can be accessed from the inside as well as the outside of the glass curtain and is used to open and close it. Then there is the storage clip which is a tiny clip to which the first panel of the glass curtain is attached to. The storage clip is used to keep the first panel of the glass curtain fixed. Then there is the child safety lock which is used together with the pull string lock to prevent the glass curtain from being opened accidentally. The pull string lock blocks the first panel of the glass curtain to prevent a child who accidentally pulls on the pull string lock from opening the glass curtain. Some glass curtains come with door knobs making it easier and more convenient to open the glass curtain.

Certain glass curtains come with a wind sensor and a rain sensor. The wind sensor is normally located on the upper side of the sliding roof of the glass curtain and is used to automatically close the glass curtain in cases of strong wind. A predefined wind limit is set on the wind sensor which is used as the basis for closing the glass curtain or leaving it open. The rain sensor is used to detect rain and will close the glass curtain thus protecting your valuable furniture in your balcony or terrace from getting wet by the rain.

Other Accessories: Roller Blind

Resumen sobre los tipos de cerramientos para terrazas


Las terrazas agregan un aspecto distintivo a su hogar. La mayoría de las terrazas están cerradas por defecto con una pequeña barandilla de seguridad para evitar que las personas se caigan. Para proporcionar un toque extra de seguridad, los cerramientos de terraza se utilizan para proporcionar ese elemento adicional de privacidad que pueda necesitar.

Tipos de cerramientos de terraza

Hay muchos tipos diferentes de cerramientos para terraza. Los barandillas, por ejemplo, le darán a su terraza un estilo arquitectónico con un efecto colonial. Las barandillas funcionan bien con edificios con marcos de madera o ladrillo y le darán a su terraza un aspecto clásico y majestuoso. El hierro forjado es otro tipo de cerramiento para terraza que puede ser recto o curvo para adaptarse a cualquier diseño de terraza. El hierro forjado está disponible en negro o blanco y puede ser liso o texturizado. Puede elegir la forma y el color que luzca mejor y que se mezcle con el estilo y el material de su edificio. Los cerramientos para terraza de vidrio son probablemente los recintos de terraza más atractivos. Le darán a su terraza un aspecto contemporáneo y una apariencia transparente. Los cerramientos para terraza de vidrio están disponibles tanto en diseños horizontales como verticales, y también hay diseños curvos para permitir que la habitación funcione como un punto de observación o mirador.

Ventajas de los cerramientos para terraza

Hay algunas ventajas al usar cerramientos para terraza de vidrio.

En primer lugar, están hechos de vidrio de seguridad templado que es muy fuerte. Es casi cuatro a seis veces más fuerte que el vidrio estándar. Normalmente consiste en tres o cuatro paneles fuertes para crear una vista panorámica.

Reducen la infiltración de aire y polvo. La mayoría de los cerramientos para terraza de vidrio constan de técnicas de sellado de acristalamiento de ventanas y puertas deslizantes pesadas que garantizan un rendimiento de aislamiento y deslizamiento constante. Los cerramientos para terraza de vidrio constan de paneles de ventilación deslizantes que están diseñados para un máximo movimiento de aire y control solar.

Los cerramientos de terraza no son los más baratos, por lo que debe asegurarse de que si invirtió el dinero en cerrar su terraza, debería estar seguro de que puede obtener los beneficios de las ventajas de tener su terraza cerrada.


Creating Magical bonds with Frameless Glazing Systems

What is Frameless Glazing?

Frameless glazing is the art of fusing two adjacent solid to solid materials to create a seamless flowing structure. It is also referred to as Seamless Glazing. There are no visible frames, hinges and joining pieces in these structures.  It is a modern way of creating an attractive smooth appearance.Frameless glazing is widely used in glass, steel, aluminium and concrete construction.Frameless glazing helps in creating an all-glass appearance to a structure. It serves as a great boost to a beautiful finish and adds aesthetic value. This also maximises the amount of natural sunlight coming through glass structures.

How frameless grazing works?

The frameless glazing system for glass on glass designs produce an absolute flush silicone joined finish. The glass panels are usually supported by adjacent panels or by use of glass fins. Although the glass may be glazed to adjacent glass members, more often than not, the unit support is enhanced by use of stainless steel glazing brackets and fittings.  In glass frameless glazing requires thicker glass panels.Frameless glazing is also used in steel structures and combined with strengthened glass. These structures can incorporate angles and corners, straight smooth walls or curved glass depending on the consumer’s preference.

Uses of Frameless Glazing in Structures

Due to the smooth and beautiful structural appearance, frameless glazing structures can be used in both commercial and residential building and for different structural roles. They can be used in commercial places to distinguish partitions and/or structure. In such places as hotels lobbies, the structures can be used in creating an eye-pleasing reception area. Common structures incorporating frameless glazing are aluminium sliding doors, glass partitions, sky frame sliding doors and seamless glass shower areas in bathrooms.

Why Frameless Glazing?

If what you need is elegance and unhindered results to your doors or glass structures, Frameless glazing would be the way to go. Not only does it work perfectly and effectively, it also ensures that the look of your ideal structure maintains its aesthetic value. It gives a feel of transparency and clarity. It keeps the spacious look and feel between showers and bathrooms.  It reduces the feel of clutter and complicated appearance to your structures. Whether in the office, in a hotel or at home, frameless glazing gives your room a flowing view. It is exactly what you need to give your home or office that extra effect that would make you or anyone else astonished.


Acristalamiento sin marco para fusionar el interior con el aire libre


Una de las opciones de encerramiento más seguras para sus balcones y terrazas que están disponibles en el mercado hoy en día es el acristalamiento sin marco que comúnmente se conoce como cortinas de vidrio. Invertir en acristalamiento sin marco para su propiedad es una inversión con la que estará satisfecho. Dentro de poco tiempo, comenzará a notar los beneficios de su inversión.

Beneficios del acristalamiento sin marco

Algunos de los beneficios del acristalamiento sin marco en su forma adecuada es que agregan valor a su espacio vital, le permiten aprovechar al máximo sus balcones, terrazas u otro espacio, lo protegen de las cambiantes condiciones climáticas, más específicamente del viento y la lluvia, y reducen la necesidad de una limpieza frecuente debido a que evitan la entrada de polvo y suciedad. Esto permite una limpieza más fácil. Además, el acristalamiento sin marco se puede personalizar, ya que se puede adaptar a cualquier forma y tamaño de balcones, terrazas u otros espacios. Evitan que entre el ruido y el frío. En un día frío de invierno, puede calentarse en su balcón o terraza. El hecho es que el acristalamiento sin marco le proporciona ese factor sorpresa que está buscando de sus familiares y amigos.


Fusionando el interior con el aire libre

El acristalamiento sin marco le permite combinar el interior y el exterior. La adición de acristalamiento sin marco a sus balcones y terrazas crea un espacio más ligero y espacioso y transforma por completo su espacio en algo excepcional. Podrá disfrutar de cualquier condición climática como si fuera realmente al aire libre mientras está realmente seguro en el interior detrás de su acristalamiento sin marco. Permiten la entrada adecuada de luz y aire fresco mientras que, al mismo tiempo, se pueden usar para evitar la lluvia y el viento.

Flexibilidad de tamaño y operación

Operar un acristalamiento sin marco no es una tarea difícil. Pueden ser carpetas o apilados en diferentes direcciones. Dado que son personalizables y no vienen en formas, tamaños y diseños estándar, puede solicitar cualquier tamaño, diseño o forma que desee. No hay restricciones, se pueden usar tanto en edificios nuevos como en edificios existentes. Se pueden usar para balcones, terrazas, costados de la piscina, jardines y espacios de oficinas, incluidas las salas de reuniones. También se pueden usar divisores de partición en espacios de oficinas grandes. El acristalamiento sin marco es de hecho el recinto perfecto para cualquier área que desee cerrar. Son hermosos, no obstruyen las vistas panorámicas, y son seguros de muchas maneras.
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Frameless Glazing Systems Installation and Considerations


There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when installing frameless glazing systems. First of all, you need to take the costs of frameless glazing systems into consideration. They are not an inexpensive solution but the advantages and safety options that they offer make them worth the investment. They are at least twenty to fifty percent more expensive than similar enclosure options.


Design Considerations

You need to consider the design that you would like to have and how much work it will involve. Although they are called frameless glazing, they do need a small amount of perimeter framework. The thickness of the glass that will be used is another design consideration together with the manufacturing, handling and lifting aspects of the frameless glazing system. You might want a frameless glazing system with windows or several doors. These are all customizations that might influence the overall appearance of your design. Before sticking to a fixed design, you also need to know how the accessories that you would like to have will fit together with the design of your frameless glazing system.


Maintenance Considerations

Most people do not take maintenance into consideration but maintenance is important. Maintenance normally represents continuous costs. These costs should be taken into consideration when installing frameless glazing systems. Will you be able to maintain your frameless glazing system? Will you be able to clean it on time? Can you clean it yourself or will you have to hire a professional? Will you be able to afford glass replacement? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before installing a frameless glazing system. The fact is that frameless glazing systems are expensive. They are large and heavy units that are not easy to be maintained or replaced.  It is therefore important that all maintenance areas should be taken into consideration during the installation process. This is important because the structural design of the glass will also determine if there will be suppliers from which the glass can be repurchased in cases of replacements. Due to a structural design of the glass, it might not be possible to find suppliers from whom the glass can be purchase.


Other Considerations

Unless a frameless glazing system is in need of additional specialist finishing or coatings, there are no additional considerations. If you are fully aware of the above mentioned considerations and are sure that you will be able to meet them, you can proceed with your frameless glazing system installation.


Problemas comunes de instalación de cortinas de vidrio

Las ventanas del tamaño de una pared instaladas en terrazas, balcones y grandes edificios de oficinas se conocen como cortinas de vidrio. Hay muchas ventajas de usar cortinas de vidrio; sin embargo, puede encontrar algunos problemas al instalar cortinas de vidrio. Estos problemas no son problemas permanentes. Se pueden resolver, por lo que es importante saber cuáles son y cómo se pueden resolver si se encuentran con ellos durante la instalación de la cortina de vidrio.

La instalación de cortinas de vidrio puede ser una tarea difícil por lo que la mayoría de las empresas que venden cortinas de vidrio cuentan con un grupo de profesionales altamente capacitados y entrenados en instalaciones de cortinas de vidrio. Siempre es recomendable hacer la instalación por profesionales en lugar de intentarlo por su cuenta. Si la instalación es realizada por alguien que no está capacitado o no es un experto, los resultados pueden no ser deseables.

Un problema común que se puede encontrar al instalar cortinas de vidrio es la desalineación. Esto normalmente ocurre cuando el vidrio no está instalado correctamente en la raíl o cuando el vidrio no tiene el tamaño adecuado para la raíl. Una cortina de vidrio desalineada es muy poco atractiva. Para resolver esto, el vidrio tendrá que ser retirado de la raíl y ser colocado correctamente de nuevo en la raíl. Si no tiene el tamaño adecuado, tendrá que tener el tamaño adecuado antes de volver a colocarse en la raíl.

El sellado inadecuado es otro problema que puede surgir durante la instalación. Después de que el vidrio se coloca correctamente en la raíl, debe sellarse. Si el sellado no se realiza correctamente, la cortina de vidrio no será hermética ni impermeable. Cuando llueve, el agua puede entrar en la cortina de vidrio. Un sellado incorrecto puede hacer que la cortina de vidrio no pueda reducir la cantidad de ruido que ingresa. La cortina de vidrio tendrá que volver a resellarse para resolver este problema. El sellado de una cortina de vidrio puede deteriorarse con el tiempo, por lo que es recomendable verificar la integridad de las juntas de vez en cuando para detectar esto por adelantado antes de que se convierta en un problema.

Finalmente, ya que las cortinas de vidrio y hechas de grandes piezas de vidrio puede ser muy costoso reemplazarlas si están rotas. A veces, un panel de vidrio puede agrietarse o romperse durante la instalación. No hay otra solución a este problema excepto reemplazar el vidrio. Esto puede ser muy costoso. Es por eso que debe cuidar sus paneles de vidrio durante el proceso de instalación para asegurarse de que no se agrieten o se rompan.

The Benefits of Glass Curtains

A modern and elegant solution that is perfect for balconies, terraces, and meeting rooms is glass curtains which are also known as frameless glazing. Glass curtains are panels of glass placed together to form a transparent barrier between your balconies, terraces, and meeting rooms and the outside world. They are commonly known as frameless glazing because they are normally frameless. They normally do not have frames thus they do not obstruct the natural view. There are many benefits to using glass curtains.

Glass curtains are especially perfect for balconies and terraces because they do not block scenic views since that glass is transparent. Apart from not blocking scenic views, glass curtains protect balconies and terraces from changing weather conditions. During the rainy season, they prevent rain from flashing into your balconies or terraces. They also help to keep your balconies and terraces clean in that they keep dust and dirt from entering. During the winter, the glass keeps out the cold allowing you to be able to sit in a warm environment during the winter. Glass curtains are not only perfect for changing weather conditions, they also allow maximum light to enter into your balconies, terraces, living room and meeting room. They do not restrict the natural flow of light but they do restrict the level of noise entering in from the outside.

Glass curtains differ from fabric curtains in that they do not harbor dust, they do not block light or vision, and they stay still during a storm. Fabric curtains require more time to be maintained because they become dirty very fast from the dust that they harbor. Since that fabric is not transparent, fabric curtains block light as well as vision and then sway with the wind during a storm or on a windy day.

Glass curtains are not only meant for home applications. They are also suitable for commercial applications. They can be used as enclosures or dividers for restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping arcades, swimming pools and large halls.

The common question that most people might have is whether or not glass curtains are safe. The fact is that glass curtains are indeed safe. The glass that they are made of needs to be approved first before it can be used. Glass curtains tend to be a deterrent to burglars. Burglars are more tempted to break into a house of office with an open balcony or terrace. A balcony or terrace with glass curtains does not appeal to burglars.

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