Achieving Sophisticationwith Frameless Glazing Systems

Doors or Windows?

You might be one of those people who have heard that frameless glazing systems are the best systems to implement in your homes or offices to ensure an amazingly clear view even when closed. But you might be wondering to yourself what frameless glazing systems are? Are they windows or are they doors? The answer is that they are both but they are more specifically used as enclosures for balconies and terraces. Frameless glazing systems were originally developed in warmer countries such as Spain to enclose balconies and terraces while at the same time they took nothing away from the view on the balcony or terrace. Glass curtains open by sliding each panel to the side and turning it 90 degrees to stack against a side wall. This is how they came up with the term “curtain”. Eventually, restaurants and cafesbecame interested in using glass curtains to enhance their view and to maximize air flow. Later on the concept was adapted by golf clubs and hotels with cloisters that saw the advantages of enclosing areas with a system that come in many shapes and is flexible thus allowing it to fit in any circular terrace or balcony.

Types of Frameless Glazing Systems

There are two main types of frameless glazing systems. There is the single glazed system and the double glazed system. The single glazed system is mostly used as glasspartitions and can be used in large spaces to create partitions without obstructing the view. They are ideal for internal partitions and commercial uses but are not so ideal for external uses.Frameless glazing systems are not very expensive. The single glazed system is cheaper than the double glazed system. The double glazed system is weather proof though the use of a compression looks on the side of the system that compresses each panel of glass thus preventing the wind, rain, dust, and even noise from entering in.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing and maintaining a frameless glazing system is quite simple and easy. It is advisable to have your frameless glazing system installed by professionals but you do not need professionals for maintenance. They are very simple to maintain and to clean. Some soap water and proper window cleaner will do the job for you. There are many advantages to frameless glazing systems. Investing in a frameless glazing system will result in a modern and sophisticated building.