Uses and Benefits of Terrace Enclosures


Due to changing weather conditions, you might not be able to use your terrace. Rain, snow, and wind are all changing weather conditions that will prevent you from spending time on your terrace if it is not enclosed. Most terrace enclosures are made to measure and can adapt to the height, to the width, and the openings of your terrace. The technical requirements can be made to suit your requirements. Terrace enclosures come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. You can cover or uncover your terrace using terrace enclosures thus putting an end to those cold evenings that you are not able to spend outdoor with your family and friends.


Benefits of Terrace Enclosures

There are a number of benefits that terrace enclosures provide for your building. First of all, they reduce noise anddust. They also increase security and add extra value to your home. They allow you to gain extra room and help you to arrange your terrace in any way that you want to without worrying about your accessories and furniture becoming wet or dirty. Terrace enclosuresespecially frameless glass terrace enclosuresallow you to enclose your terrace without having to worry about spoiling the view. It transparency allows you to be able to still enjoy yourscenic views.Terrace enclosures are amazing to provide total control of the sun, proper ventilation and rain protection. They have walls that are fixed or that slide and the roofs can be made from glazed polycarbonate that is treatedagain UV retention and condensation. They allow you to make use of your terraces in any season and any weather condition whether it is rain, snow, sun or storm.

Uses of Terrace Enclosures

Terrace enclosures provide full control of the sun, proper ventilation and protection from the rain and can be made with walls that are fixed or that slide. The roof is glazed in polycarbonate and is treated to prevent UV radiation and condensation. Terrace enclosures can be used in any way and is not dependent on rain or storm. Terrace enclosures provide for light control. It allows natural light to enter andilluminate your terrace thus helping you to save in power consumption. Nature air circulation is permitted by terrace enclosures. They allow for proper ventilation especially in places where there is much heat or a lot of smoke. Most terrace enclosures have unique roofs that make it impossibleforrain to penetrate and enter into your terrace.  Most terrace enclosures are also composed of aluminum and components of stainless steel which help to prevent corrosion.


The Advantages of a Frameless Glazing System


Why would you want to obstruct the view from your balcony or terrace? Why would you settle for an enclosure that will obstruct your view when you can have a frameless glazing system that is made of transparent glass? Why settle for boring enclosures when you can add style and elegance to your property by installing a frameless glazing system? Don’t you want to have that wow factor that all of your friends and family do not have? A frameless glazing system on your balcony or terrace provides an invisible enclosure that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It allows you to merge your indoors with your outdoors. They are not the most inexpensive solutions but they do provide some of the best benefits. They are safe and durable and are made of tough glass that is normally ten to twelve millimeters thick. They are normally available in lengths up to three meters and require a team of professionals for the installation.


Advantages of a Frameless Glazing System

If you are a homeowner and you are looking for a way to make your home more beautiful and appealing, a frameless glazing system is the solution for you. A frameless glazing system gives your home a modern and elegant look. They can be installed on your balconies, terraces, pool sides and other spaces in your home. Installing a frameless glazing system has a number of advantages. First of all, it is strong because it is made of thick tempered glass and is much stronger than normal glass. It gives a modern and streamlined look to your home and adds an extra style that gives your house that extra wow factor that you have been longing for. A frameless glazing system promotes hygiene. It needs little maintenance and there is very little space and causes for germs to breed. It is almost impossible for germs to breed on glass if it is properly maintained. You can use sop, water and minerals to easily wipe off the dust and dirt from your frameless glazing system. Replacement of broken or cracked glass might be challenging but is not something that you will have to deal with on a daily basis. So if you are looking for the perfect system to enhance your property with as little maintenance work as possible, a frameless glazing system is the perfect option for you. You might have to pay a few extra euros for it but in the end, it will be worth the investment.


Frameless Glazing for Merging the Indoors with the Outdoors


One of the safest enclosing options for your balconies and terraces that are available on the market today is frameless glazing which is commonly known as glass curtains. Investing in frameless glazing for your property is an investment that you will be happy with. Within a short time, you will start to notice the benefits of your investment.

Benefits of Frameless Glazing

Some of the benefits of frameless glazing on your properly is that they add value to your living space, they allow you to fully utilize your balconies, terraces or other space, they shelter you from changing weather conditions more specifically the wind and the rain, and they reduce the need for frequent cleaning due to the fact that they prevent dust and dirt from entering in. This results in easier cleaning. Furthermore, frameless glazing is customizable in that they can be made to fit any shape and any size of balconies, terraces, or other space. They prevent noise and coldness from entering in. On a cold winter day, you can be warm on your balcony or terrace. The fact is that frameless glazing provides you with that wow factor that you are looking for from your families and friends.


Merging the Indoors with the Outdoors

Frameless glazing allows you to merge the indoors and the outdoors. The addition of frameless glazing to your balconies and terraces creates a lighter and more airy space and totally transforms your space into some exceptional. You will be able to enjoy any weather conditions as if you were really outdoor while you are actually safely indoors behind your frameless glazing. They allow for the proper admittance of light and fresh air in while at the same time, they can be used to keep the rain and the wind out.

Flexibility of Size and Operation

Operating a frameless glazing is not a hard task. They can be folder or stacked in different directions. Since that they are customizable and do not come in standard shapes, sizes and designs, you can order any size, design or shape that you want. There are no restrictions. They can be used on new buildings as well as on existing buildings. They can be used for balconies, terraces, pool sides, gardens, and office spaces including meeting rooms. They can also be used partition dividers in large office spaces. Frameless glazing is indeed the perfect enclosure for any area that you wish to enclose. They are beautiful, do not obstruct scenic views, and are safe in many ways.

Frameless Glazing Partitioning Systems for Offices


Frameless glazing systems are very common today. They are used for small applications as well as large applications. They are not the cheapest enclosure systems but they do have a number of advantages. Frameless glazing systems are perfect for changing weathering circumstances. Most of them can last for at least ten years before the seal that prevents water from entering might be damaged or punctured.


Partitioning Systems for Offices

Many frameless glazing systems can be installed in the home as well as the in a commercial setting. For example, you might have a large office space and might want to partition it. Installing frameless glazing systems might be the perfect solution for you. It will give you a beautiful office allowing natural light from the surroundings to enter in. Frameless glazing partitioning systems are used by many offices globally. Frameless glazing partitioning systemsare made in single or double glazing.  They need to be sturdy and long lasting with a smooth finish. Most frameless glazing partitioning systemshave doors and locks for additional security. If additional privacy is needed in the office, blinds can be added to the Frameless glazing partitioning system. If you want to make it a bit more personal, you can add colored films and logos to the glass. Frameless glazing partitioning systems can be straight or curved and can be made to fit into any size of room. The thickness of the glass used to make the system will determine how much noise it can prevent from entering in. Most Frameless glazing partitioning systems are made in compliance with fire regulations. They admit natural lights which tend to result in happier and healthier staff.

Installing Frameless Glazing Partitioning Systems

Installing frameless glazing partitioning systems is quite simple and easy. They require no frames and can easily be installed without causing disturbances to the work place. They are durable and flexible and can therefore be moved if an office space needs to be remodeled or refurbished. Maintaining frameless glazing partitioning systems is not difficult. You can make sure that your frameless glazing partitioning systems is sparkling clean with the simple use of soap, water and window cleaner. You do not need professionals to main your frameless glazing partitioning systems in the office. There are many advantages to frameless glazing partitioning systems and in the end you will end up with a modern office with clean and sophisticated frameless glazing partitioningsystems that you can use and reuse for years.

Maintaining Glass Curtains

Glass curtains are the ideal solution

Glass curtains are the ideal solution for any shape or size of terrace or balcony. Glass curtains are individual glass panels put together to form a curtain that can open and fold as needed. The advantages of using glass curtains are: they provide you with an unobstructed view due to their transparent feature, they allow you to enjoy almost all changing weather conditions including the wind, the rain, and the snow, they are easy to operate, and they are adaptable to any kind and shape of terrace or balcony. Most glass curtains do not have frames between the panels therefore there is nothing to obstruct the view. Since that most glass curtains are transparent and can fit to almost any shape balcony or terrace, they do not disturb the standard architecture of the building.Some glass curtains work with wheels while other works with friction meaning that there is no need for wheels and no need for lubricant.

Most companies that sell and install glass curtains provide them in different colors and finishes and offer guarantee on their systems. The installation of glass curtains should not be done by the common person but should be done by professionals who are highly qualified in installing glass curtains.

Maintaining Glass Curtains

Glass curtains are easy and safe to clean

Glass curtains are great additions to your building and they do make it look more attractive and much bigger but they also need to look clean. Since that glass curtains are made of glass, they need to be sparkling clean. This will require regular maintenance. Glass curtains are easy and safe to clean. It is advisable to start proper maintenance of your glass curtains from the moment they were installed. The exterior of glass curtains might become dirty after a rain shower or a wind storm. You should make sure that you clean off the dust, dirt or water drops as soon as possible. Water drops might occur after a rain and might be difficult to remove over time so make sure they are removed immediately. Some glass panels open in such a way that you do not need to lean out of the glass curtain to clean them. This is especially important for buildings that have glass curtains installed high. However if you are not able to clean the exterior of your glass curtains due to the height, you should hire a professional to do so. The fact is that proper maintenance is the key to making your glass curtains always look brand new.

Accessories for Glass Curtains

If you are looking for a sophisticated way of enclosing your balcony, terrace, or office space, glass curtains might just be the solution for you. An investment in glass curtains is one that you will not regret. Glass curtains are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and therefore can be integrated perfectly in your home or office with minimal impact on the appearance of the building. This is why it is one of the most approved systems by most city councils and home owners’ associations. There are many benefits to having glass curtains.

First of all, they allow you to fully utilize your balcony or terrace, they shelter you from the rain and the wind, they prevent you from having to constantly clean dust and dirt from your balcony or terrace, they reduce noise level especially from noisy neighbors, and they allow you to enjoy your terrace or balcony in the winter. In general, glass curtains add value to your property. They can be installed to any shape or size of balcony or terrace and they are absolutely safe to use.


Glass curtains have a number of accessories. There is the pull string lock which can be accessed from the inside as well as the outside of the glass curtain and is used to open and close it. Then there is the storage clip which is a tiny clip to which the first panel of the glass curtain is attached to. The storage clip is used to keep the first panel of the glass curtain fixed. Then there is the child safety lock which is used together with the pull string lock to prevent the glass curtain from being opened accidentally. The pull string lock blocks the first panel of the glass curtain to prevent a child who accidentally pulls on the pull string lock from opening the glass curtain. Some glass curtains come with door knobs making it easier and more convenient to open the glass curtain.

Certain glass curtains come with a wind sensor and a rain sensor. The wind sensor is normally located on the upper side of the sliding roof of the glass curtain and is used to automatically close the glass curtain in cases of strong wind. A predefined wind limit is set on the wind sensor which is used as the basis for closing the glass curtain or leaving it open. The rain sensor is used to detect rain and will close the glass curtain thus protecting your valuable furniture in your balcony or terrace from getting wet by the rain.

Other Accessories, Roller Blinds:




Creating Magical bonds with Frameless Glazing Systems

What is Frameless Glazing?

Frameless glazing is the art of fusing two adjacent solid to solid materials to create a seamless flowing structure. It is also referred to as Seamless Glazing. There are no visible frames, hinges and joining pieces in these structures.  It is a modern way of creating an attractive smooth appearance.Frameless glazing is widely used in glass, steel, aluminium and concrete construction.Frameless glazing helps in creating an all-glass appearance to a structure. It serves as a great boost to a beautiful finish and adds aesthetic value. This also maximises the amount of natural sunlight coming through glass structures.


How frameless grazing works?

The frameless glazing system for glass on glass designs produce an absolute flush silicone joined finish. The glass panels are usually supported by adjacent panels or by use of glass fins. Although the glass may be glazed to adjacent glass members, more often than not, the unit support is enhanced by use of stainless steel glazing brackets and fittings.  In glass frameless glazing requires thicker glass panels.Frameless glazing is also used in steel structures and combined with strengthened glass. These structures can incorporate angles and corners, straight smooth walls or curved glass depending on the consumer’s preference.

Uses of Frameless Glazing in Structures

Due to the smooth and beautiful structural appearance, frameless glazing structures can be used in both commercial and residential building and for different structural roles. They can be used in commercial places to distinguish partitions and/or structure. In such places as hotels lobbies, the structures can be used in creating an eye-pleasing reception area. Common structures incorporating frameless glazing are aluminium sliding doors, glass partitions, sky frame sliding doors and seamless glass shower areas in bathrooms.

Why Frameless Glazing?

If what you need is elegance and unhindered results to your doors or glass structures, Frameless glazing would be the way to go. Not only does it work perfectly and effectively, it also ensures that the look of your ideal structure maintains its aesthetic value. It gives a feel of transparency and clarity. It keeps the spacious look and feel between showers and bathrooms.  It reduces the feel of clutter and complicated appearance to your structures. Whether in the office, in a hotel or at home, frameless glazing gives your room a flowing view. It is exactly what you need to give your home or office that extra effect that would make you or anyone else astonished.