Uses and Benefits of Terrace Enclosures


Due to changing weather conditions, you might not be able to use your terrace. Rain, snow, and wind are all changing weather conditions that will prevent you from spending time on your terrace if it is not enclosed. Most terrace enclosures are made to measure and can adapt to the height, to the width, and the openings of your terrace. The technical requirements can be made to suit your requirements. Terrace enclosures come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. You can cover or uncover your terrace using terrace enclosures thus putting an end to those cold evenings that you are not able to spend outdoor with your family and friends.


Benefits of Terrace Enclosures

There are a number of benefits that terrace enclosures provide for your building. First of all, they reduce noise anddust. They also increase security and add extra value to your home. They allow you to gain extra room and help you to arrange your terrace in any way that you want to without worrying about your accessories and furniture becoming wet or dirty. Terrace enclosuresespecially frameless glass terrace enclosuresallow you to enclose your terrace without having to worry about spoiling the view. It transparency allows you to be able to still enjoy yourscenic views.Terrace enclosures are amazing to provide total control of the sun, proper ventilation and rain protection. They have walls that are fixed or that slide and the roofs can be made from glazed polycarbonate that is treatedagain UV retention and condensation. They allow you to make use of your terraces in any season and any weather condition whether it is rain, snow, sun or storm.

Uses of Terrace Enclosures

Terrace enclosures provide full control of the sun, proper ventilation and protection from the rain and can be made with walls that are fixed or that slide. The roof is glazed in polycarbonate and is treated to prevent UV radiation and condensation. Terrace enclosures can be used in any way and is not dependent on rain or storm. Terrace enclosures provide for light control. It allows natural light to enter andilluminate your terrace thus helping you to save in power consumption. Nature air circulation is permitted by terrace enclosures. They allow for proper ventilation especially in places where there is much heat or a lot of smoke. Most terrace enclosures have unique roofs that make it impossibleforrain to penetrate and enter into your terrace.  Most terrace enclosures are also composed of aluminum and components of stainless steel which help to prevent corrosion.


The Proper Terrace Enclosures


Do you have a large terrace and need to enclose it? Or maybe your terrace might be small but you would still like for it to look stylish anyway. Terrace enclosures are exactly what you need so that your outdoor can be fully enjoyed and utilized.

Features of the Proper Terrace Enclosure

Terrace enclosures are a crucial component to ensure enjoyable seating in your terrace. In order to be able to sit on your terrace for a long time, you will need the right environment. Without proper terrace enclosures, your terrace might be too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. Some people might have never had breakfast, lunch or dinner on their terrace. This might be because their terrace might be continuously dirty from dirt and dust that might be blown onto the terrace by the wind. This results in an uncomfortable and unattractive seating area. The proper terrace enclosures will prevent dirt and dust from entering into your terrace. For the first time, you might just be able to enjoy a warm breakfast on a cold day on your terrace.

Terrace Gardening with Terrace Enclosures

Most people want their terraces to be beautiful. One of the ways to accomplish this is through terrace gardening. Terrace gardening is quite popular. However you need to have the right terrace enclosure to protect the plants and flowers in your terrace. Terrace enclosures also help to protect your plants and flowers from the rays of the sun. The fact is that the more you like your terrace and it surroundings, the more you will want to maintain them. Using the right variety of colored flowers and plants with the right furniture together with your terrace enclosure will give your home that extra greatness that you have been longing for.

Terrace Enclosures for Safety

Terrace enclosures also provide a certain amount of safety. You can have different types of terrace enclosures based on your safety needs but the best type of terrace enclosures are the ones that will not only provide safety but make your home attractive as well. It is possible for you to make your own terrace enclosure but there are also ready-made terrace enclosures that you can have installed on your terrace. Terrace enclosures do not have to divide you nor your terrace from the world outside. Once you have the fundamentals of your terrace enclosures in place, you can then focus on other terrace accessories to eventually have a warm and welcoming terrace.


Choosing Terrace Enclosures

Making the Right Decision

If you decide to enclose your terrace, you need to make sure that you are making the right decision and that you will be able to benefit from the advantages of terrace enclosures. You need to make sure the terrace enclosure that you chose is practical and efficient allowing you to gain extra space which you can utilize. When choosing terrace enclosures, you need to choose the best insulating material. You need to choose a terrace enclosure that is efficient, effective and comfortable with high quality glazed enclosures that will guarantee you the most effective insulation to prevent losing heat in the winter and to prevent heat from coming in in the summer. One important thing to remember when choosing to enclose your terrace. You might need permission for the residents’ association and the local council. Without the appropriate documentation, you might be forced to remove your terrace enclosure. Make sure that you verify if you need documentation to enclose your terrace and how to obtain it if it is needed.

terrace enclosure

Choosing Compatible Terrace Enclosures

Terrace enclosures should be compatible with the exterior face and character of the building. Sometimes it might not be wise to enclose a terrace due to the unique character of a building. However if it still necessary to enclose your terrace, you should try to respect the style and architectures of the building with your terrace enclosures. Sometimes it might be necessary to contact the person who designed the building and terrace for advice before choosing your terrace enclosures. This person might be able to give you valuable advice and assess the compatibility of the terrace enclosure with your terrace and building. When choosing terrace enclosures, you need to maintain and enhance visual interests. If your terrace enclosure is going to block your visual interests, they might not be the right choice. Frameless glass terrace enclosures are the best for scenic interests.

Choosing Glass Terrace Enclosure

When choosing terrace enclosures, you should make sure that the material andthe color of your terrace enclosure match with the existing exterior wall of the building. If you are not sure about this, it might be advisable to use glass terrace enclosures since that they are transparent and have a neutral effect on the existing color and material. Glass terrace enclosures should be done with clear double or single glazing that match the color of those used for the glazing frames of the building. It is not advisable to use color or reflected glass, draperies, blinds or screws with terrace enclosures because they will be more likely to block scenic views and increase the bulk of the building.

An Overview of the Types of Terrace Enclosures


Terraces add a distinctive look to your home. Most terraces might be enclosed by default with a small railing as a form of safety to prevent people from falling. To provide an extra touch of safety, terrace enclosures are used to provide that additional element of privacy that you might need.

Types of Terrace Enclosures

There are many different types of terrace enclosures. Balusters for example will give your terrace an architecturalstyle with a colonial effect. Balusters work well with brick or wood frame buildings and will give your terrace a classic and stately look. Wrought iron is another type of terrace enclosure that can be straight or curved to follow any design of terrace. Wrought iron is available in black or white and can be smooth or textured. You can choose the shape and the color that will best enhance and blend with the style and material of your building. Glass terrace enclosures are probably the most appealing terrace enclosures. They will give your terrace a contemporary look as well as a transparent look. Glass terrace enclosures are available in horizontal as well as vertical designs while there are also curved designs to allowyourterraceto function as an observation or lookout point. Galvanized steel is the choice of terrace enclosure that is used by those who want to make a statement. It can be cut into many different shapes and forms to provide your terrace with a contemporary appeal. Custompanels made of wood, metal or glass can also be used as terrace enclosures. Custom made panels can be customized to display different scenes or information.


Advantages of Terrace Enclosures

There are a few advantages of using glass terrace enclosures. First of all, they are made from tempered safety glass which is very strong. It is almost four to six times stronger than standard glass. They normally consist of three to four strong panels to create a panoramic view. They reduce air and dust infiltration. Most glass terrace enclosuresconsist of seal window glazing techniques and heavy duty sliding doors to ensure constant sliding performance. Glass terrace enclosures consist of sliding ventilation panels that are designed for maximum air movement and solar control. Terrace enclosures are not cheapest form of enclosures so you need to make sure that if you invested the money in enclosing your terrace, you should make sure that you are able to benefit for the advantages of having your terrace enclosed.


Glass Curtains for a Great View


On a bright morning, a great view is all you need to start your day with a smile on your face. Beautiful patterns on your wall, a little colour and even clear beautiful skies will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Glass curtains are a great source of such an extraordinary experience.

Types of Glass curtains:

Glass curtains come in different thicknesses, colour and opacity. The two most common thicknesses are ¼ inch (6mm) monolithic and 1 inch (25mm) insulating glass for commercial building while 1/8 inch (3 mm) monolithic and 5/8 inch (16 mm) insulating glass are used for residential buildings. Many 1 inch glass panels have clean air but some may be inert gases like argon or krypton which offer better features in thermal transmittance. Larger thicknesses are available and usually used in buildings with relative humidity, higher thermal and sound transmission requirements such as recording studios.

Glass curtains are readily available in transparent, translucent and colour stained glass. Opaque glass is usually used in areas to hide spandrel (the space between two arches) beam or as a shear wall behind the exterior curtain wall.

Why use glass curtains?

In buildings, glass curtains are a great solution to terrace enclosure while maintain the view. They do not have vertical frames which leaves a consistent flow from the ceiling to the floor. In cases of repair, they can be fully removed and reinstalled easily without damaging the entire wall. They also bring elegance to the space providing one with a beautiful start to interior design. At home, glass curtains are a beautiful way to welcome the sunshine in as well as great views and amazing lighting. The light gives a spacious look in the house and a blend of your interior design with the rest of your environment. They restrain inconveniencing weather conditions such as strong winds and rain in relaxation areas such as patios. They also serve as beautiful architectural finishes that provide a flowing feel to your surroundings.In commercial use, they give a spacious feel which in turn eliminates the feeling of being crowded and cramped in small spaces. They give a clear view of the skies hence providing a calming effect to the professionals at work. They provide for a quick and efficient solution to adequate lighting and ultimately brighten the area. Glass curtains are a great way to see the skies while at work or at home.


Accessories for Glass Curtains

If you are looking for a sophisticated way of enclosing your balcony, terrace, or office space, glass curtains might just be the solution for you. An investment in glass curtains is one that you will not regret. Glass curtains are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and therefore can be integrated perfectly in your home or office with minimal impact on the appearance of the building. This is why it is one of the most approved systems by most city councils and home owners’ associations. There are many benefits to having glass curtains.

First of all, they allow you to fully utilize your balcony or terrace, they shelter you from the rain and the wind, they prevent you from having to constantly clean dust and dirt from your balcony or terrace, they reduce noise level especially from noisy neighbors, and they allow you to enjoy your terrace or balcony in the winter. In general, glass curtains add value to your property. They can be installed to any shape or size of balcony or terrace and they are absolutely safe to use.


Glass curtains have a number of accessories. There is the pull string lock which can be accessed from the inside as well as the outside of the glass curtain and is used to open and close it. Then there is the storage clip which is a tiny clip to which the first panel of the glass curtain is attached to. The storage clip is used to keep the first panel of the glass curtain fixed. Then there is the child safety lock which is used together with the pull string lock to prevent the glass curtain from being opened accidentally. The pull string lock blocks the first panel of the glass curtain to prevent a child who accidentally pulls on the pull string lock from opening the glass curtain. Some glass curtains come with door knobs making it easier and more convenient to open the glass curtain.

Certain glass curtains come with a wind sensor and a rain sensor. The wind sensor is normally located on the upper side of the sliding roof of the glass curtain and is used to automatically close the glass curtain in cases of strong wind. A predefined wind limit is set on the wind sensor which is used as the basis for closing the glass curtain or leaving it open. The rain sensor is used to detect rain and will close the glass curtain thus protecting your valuable furniture in your balcony or terrace from getting wet by the rain.

Other Accessories, Roller Blinds:




The Benefits of Glass Curtains

A modern and elegant solution that is perfect for balconies, terraces, and meeting rooms is glass curtains which are also known as frameless glazing. Glass curtains are panels of glass placed together to form a transparent barrier between your balconies, terraces, and meeting rooms and the outside world. They are commonly known as frameless glazing because they are normally frameless. They normally do not have frames thus they do not obstruct the natural view. There are many benefits to using glass curtains.


Glass curtains are especially perfect for balconies and terraces because they do not block scenic views since that glass is transparent. Apart from not blocking scenic views, glass curtains protect balconies and terraces from changing weather conditions. During the rainy season, they prevent rain from flashing into your balconies or terraces. They also help to keep your balconies and terraces clean in that they keep dust and dirt from entering. During the winter, the glass keeps out the cold allowing you to be able to sit in a warm environment during the winter. Glass curtains are not only perfect for changing weather conditions, they also allow maximum light to enter into your balconies, terraces, living room and meeting room. They do not restrict the natural flow of light but they do restrict the level of noise entering in from the outside.

Glass curtains differ from fabric curtains in that they do not harbor dust, they do not block light or vision, and they stay still during a storm. Fabric curtains require more time to be maintained because they become dirty very fast from the dust that they harbor. Since that fabric is not transparent, fabric curtains block light as well as vision and then sway with the wind during a storm or on a windy day.

Glass curtains are not only meant for home applications. They are also suitable for commercial applications. They can be used as enclosures or dividers for restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping arcades, swimming pools and large halls.

The common question that most people might have is whether or not glass curtains are safe. The fact is that glass curtains are indeed safe. The glass that they are made of needs to be approved first before it can be used. Glass curtains tend to be a deterrent to burglars. Burglars are more tempted to break into a house of office with an open balcony or terrace. A balcony or terrace with glass curtains does not appeal to burglars.

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Terrace Enclosures: A Relaxing Haven Right at Home!

What are terrace enclosures?

Commonly found in residential houses, a terrace is an outdoor living room. It is an extension of the building to the outside and bigger than a balcony. They are normally open areas used for leisure activities and as a rest haven. Many have a Jacuzzi, hot tub or an adjacent swimming pool. They are used for gardening, entertaining, barbequing, relaxation and sunbathing. Terraces add more value to a building. Terrace enclosures are ‘cover-like’ structure and roofing made to further enhance the use, feel and look of the terrace.



Characteristics of terrace enclosures

They are normally made of glass and frames or as aluminium structures. Majority consist of lightweight aluminium channels frames and screen panels. The aluminium structures are available in different colours such as white, green, shades of black and Brown powder-coated aluminium. They can adopt a specific height, width and openings and any other additional characteristics as per the interests of the property owner.

Why terrace enclosures?

Terraces enclosures are a great way to add personality to your terraces. They give a sense of style and class. Depending on the design and structure, they can serve as to enhance interior design as well as create a beautiful back drop. They are efficient and very economical. They act as a shield to un-conducive situations like irritating insects and bad weathersuch as rain, strong winds or too much sun. One gets a feeling of security being in an enclosed terrace hence one can freely relax whether day or night. They are practical and easy to handle. The panel segment may slide away or towards the wall to either open or close up. They can serve as a cooling or sunbathing area depending on weather, need and preference.

How to get terrace enclosures?

These are easy to install simple structures. However, one would have to exercise great caution in undertaking the installation process. You would need to first and foremost learn what regulations have been put by your local authorities and regulations regarding building such structures. Hiring a professional contractor to do it would ensure great result and a firm structure. There are many construction companies and individual contractors that would be willing to take on such a task.Once you have your preferred material, size, and design, colour and structural details, it is easy to get the terrace enclosure you desire.Terrace enclosures are a sure way of making your outer living room a welcome pleasure around the house.

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