Common Glass Curtains Installation Problems

Wall-sized windows installed on terraces, balconies, and large office buildings are known as glass curtains. There are many advantages of using glass curtains; however, you might encounter a few problems when installing glass curtains. These problems are not permanent problems. They can be solved which is why it is important to know what they are and how you can solve them if you do come across them during your glass curtain installation.


Highly skilled and trained in glass curtain installations

Installing glass curtains can be a difficult task which is why most companies that sell glass curtains have a group of professionals who are highly skilled and trained in glass curtain installations. It is always advisable to have the installation done by professionals instead of attempting it on your own. If the installation is done by someone who is not trained or is not an expert, the results might not be desirable.

One common problem that can be encountered when installing glass curtains is misalignment. This normally happens when the glass is not installed properly in the track or when the glass is not properly sized for the track. A misaligned glass curtain is very unattractive. In order to solve this, the glass will have to be removed from the track and be properly placed back into the track. Ifit is not properly sized, it will have to be properly sized before being placedback into the track.

Improper sealing is another problem that might be encountered during installation. After the glass is properly placed in the track, it needsto be sealed. If the sealing is not done properly, the glass curtain will not be water or air tight. When it rains, water might enter the glass curtain. Improper sealing might cause the glass curtain to not be able to reduce the amount of noise entering it. The glass curtain will have to be resealed to solve this problem. The sealing of a glass curtain can deteriorate over time so it is advisable to check the integrity of the seals from time to time to detect this in advance before it becomes a problem.

Finally since that glass curtains and made of large pieces of glass it can be very expensive to replace them if they are broken. Sometimes a glass panel might crack or break during the installation. There is no other solution to this problem except replacing the glass. This can be very expensive. This is why you need to take proper care of your glass panels during the installation process to make sure that they do not crack or break.

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